Danetkas – Music Stories


Episode 0 - What is Danetkas

Short Summary

The “Danetkas – Music Stories” podcast, hosted by Francisco Chaves, introduces listeners to the world of Danetkas, a game derived from Russian where “da” means yes, “net” means no. The game involves solving riddles and exploring fantastical musical stories. Listeners will learn intriguing facts about classical music, from the inspiration behind learning music to peculiar anecdotes involving composers and symphonies. The podcast format involves Chaves as the master, revealing answers to riddles, and listeners as investigators. The game can be played in groups, making it a fun activity. The podcast delves into each Danetka, discussing musical stories, and occasionally featuring guests. Listeners are encouraged to play the game with friends before listening to the podcast if they prefer to discover the solutions themselves.

Hello and welcome to Danetkas – Music Stories podcast

 I am your host Francisco Chaves and this is episode number 0 an introduction to the world of danetkas.

What is Danetkas?

It is derived from Russian.

“da” means yes. “net” means no and “kas” is a sort of diminutive form so Danetkas can be translated as yes or no “ish”

The game of yes and no

 You will be confronted with riddles and you will discover many fantastical musical stories.

Find out how a balloon inspired people to learn music how that composer made a woman poison herself or how a symphony sent everyone on holidays

You’ll end up knowing facts about classical music and be able to impress your friends with fun anecdotes you will find a whole new world where classical music is interesting weird and unexpected.

The game Danetkas requires two players: one of them will be the master which will know the answer and the other will be the investigator.

 There can be several investigators so you can make this a fun group activity.

In this podcast I will always be the master and you, the Listener, will always be investigator.

 In the normal game you could ask questions and I would answer with yes or no.

 In this podcast we’ll find out the solution to all of our riddles which are available in the Danetkas app

 If you don’t wish to know the solution to our riddles then play the game first with your friends and only after listen to the podcast

 In this podcast we’ll discuss thoroughly each danetka, each musical story, and sometimes we will even have occasional guests.

Have fun playing Danetkas.