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Danetkas is a quiz cooperative game for two (or more) players. You need to find the stories hidden behind a picture and a mysterious hint

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The name Danetkas originates from Russian: “Da” (yes) “Net” (no)

One player reads the answer, that player
will be the “Master” and can only reply with “Da” (yes) or “Net” (no).


make smart questions

You need to think critically and make smart questions.

Here is an example of the gameplay using a simple riddle:

Hint Remi Escaped death but still failed
Was Remi Musician
did he die
Please specify the question
did he die after recieving a gunshot
Does he end up dying of an illness
A composer named remi survived a gunshot but later did of cancer

Learn about famous composers

bad news rigoletto

Learn about new instruments

Learn the story of how a balloon made people start to learn music

one rule - Rigoletto

Using the Danetkas app you can play 5 stories for free

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